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1101 Market Street Suite 2700, Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Established 1958 ~ Hardball Business Litigation & Complex Negotiations


DOL Proposal Would Allow Millions of Workers More Overtime Pay

Often, employers take the most liberties with their salaried workers. They know they must follow federal wage and hour laws regarding hourly workers. However, salaried workers may be subject to harsh working requirements with little recourse. The Department of Labor...

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How to Handle Intellectual Property Licensing?

Intellectual property (IP) licensing is crucial for businesses in the modern digital age. It is an area that requires careful management and understanding. An IP license is an agreement where the owner of an intellectual property (licensor) grants permission to...

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What Are My Rights After Being Laid Off?

Understanding your rights is vital in the event of a sudden job loss. The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act, a U.S. federal law, offers significant protection. This legislation requires employers to provide a 60-day advance notice of plant...

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Unique Legal Issues for Start-Up Companies

Starting a business is an exciting venture. However, it also comes with many legal challenges that can be daunting for any entrepreneur. A lawyer plays an instrumental role in helping start-ups navigate these legal issues. Business Structure One of the first legal...

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Do Employers Need to Supply Employees With a Handbook?

An employee handbook is often viewed as a quintessential component of any organization. However, is it legally required for employers to provide their employees with a handbook? The short answer: no. There is no explicit legal obligation for businesses to have an...

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What Are the Legal Ramifications of a Company Merger?

Company mergers involve intricate legal processes. Understanding these legal ramifications can ensure smooth transitions and minimize potential pitfalls. Structuring the Deal The structure of a merger deal has profound legal implications. It can be an asset purchase,...

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Is Severance Guaranteed to Terminated Employees?

Severance refers to the compensation that some employees receive upon termination of their employment. It is intended to provide financial support to former employees during their search for new employment. However, severance is not always guaranteed to terminated...

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