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Appeals in Federal and State Courts

Sidkoff, Pincus & Green has represented appellants (the appealing parties) and appellees (the parties who won in the lower court) in many different kinds of state and federal cases. We are proficient at analyzing the proceedings in the lower court, recognizing errors, finding applicable precedents, writing persuasive briefs and presenting oral argument.

How do cases end up being appealed?

Most courts allow for at least one level of appeal by a higher court of decisions made by judges, juries or administrative agencies at the trial level. Trial level proceedings involve identifying the salient facts, and applying the law to those facts. If there was an error in the law or procedure applied in the lower court, or if the facts were blatantly misconstrued, then there will typically be grounds for the losing party to file an appeal. However, while an appeal does not usually allow for a complete do-over, the standard of review by an appellate court may be “de novo” in which it decides the issues without reference to the legal conclusions or assumptions made by the lower court. The decisions that typically are reviewed by the appellate court include final judgments entered in civil actions and judgements of convictions and sentences for criminal offenses.

Sidkoff, Pincus & Green’s Experience and Approach to Appellate Work

Philadelphia Business Lawyers at Sidkoff Pincus & Green, are experienced in appellate law, and have had handled hundreds of appeals in important cases with positive outcomes. We represent individuals, companies, partnerships, organizations, trustees and other types of parties in a wide variety of cases in numerous areas of law. Because we are careful and tenacious researchers of the law, we are poised to be able to make strong arguments for our clients and place them in the best position for success. We have prevailed in appeals in cases involving diverse issues such as constitutional law, due process, procedural and evidentiary errors, commercial disputes, contracts, malpractice, products liability, employment discrimination, class action certification and personal injury matters, among others.

At the Law Offices of Sidkoff, Pincus & Green, our experienced Pennsylvania and New Jersey attorneys handle many types of legal matters, including various types of appeals. If you are interested in having a consultation with one of our attorneys, please call us at 215-574-0600 or contact us online.