Established 1958 ~ Hardball Business Litigation & Complex Negotiations
Established 1958 ~ Hardball Business Litigation & Complex Negotiations

Trial Lawyers & Business Attorneys in Philadelphia

We are Philadelphia Business Lawyers and Trial Lawyers, but we have handled matters in almost any location where our clients have needed our services.

Sidkoff, Pincus & Green
(“SPG”) was founded in 1958 and is one of the oldest law firms in Philadelphia. Having recently surpassed our 65th anniversary, we like to think that our longevity is a testament to the quality of our lawyers’ passion, skills and results.

“” is a website name that was registered for SPG in 1998 and presented to us as a gift by a grateful client after we helped him prevail in a protracted lawsuit involving breach of contract, whistle-blowing, the freeze-out of a shareholder and other complex business related issues. At first, we modestly declined to use “”, but eventually, we were persuaded to embrace it when many of our other clients, who heard the story, told us that they agreed it was an accurate description. To see what we mean, the comments of some of our clients can be read here.

SPG is not your average law firm, and our attorneys are not your average Philadelphia business lawyers either. We look to the heroic lawyers of literature and history and embrace the belief that every client deserves the same attention and single-mindedness from their attorney. To accomplish this, our firm has stubbornly refused to allow itself to grow into one of today’s commercial behemoths that are too often characterized by multiple squadrons of “specialists” operating under an assembly line mentality that fosters attitudes of indifference and timidity in both trial lawyers and business attorneys. Instead, SPG has honed itself into a juggernaut where the following set of principles defines us:

  • The firm and our clients bond into a closely-knit family;
  • Every challenge facing our clients drives us to become their heroes;
  • To foster collaboration, we maintain open lines of communication with our clients, who are invited to reach out to us 24 hours a day;
  • In standing up to the challenges of adversity or exploiting opportunities available to our clients in litigation, commercial matters and deal-making, we benefit from multiple viewpoints, diverse skills and decades of experience in legal services; and
  • Our loyalty to each other and our clients translates into the philosophy that once we sign on to a client’s cause, nothing is too big, too complex or too difficult to deter us from our mission.

People tell us that in the legal community, we are known to consistently assume responsibility for achieving superior results, regardless of how complex or difficult a case may seem; and our reputation has motivated other Philadelphia business lawyers to refer their hard cases to us. But it is not just lawyers in the Philadelphia area since we have received referral attorney cases from law firms located in New Jersey, California, Maryland, New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, Florida, Texas, Atlanta and other places throughout the United States and foreign countries.

Our priorities: As lawyers, and indeed, as sensitive human beings, we are sincerely sympathetic when, from an email or phone call, we learn about a person who is weighed down with legal problems or who has been taken advantage of and rightfully wants to sue to recover damages and get justice. And therefore, it breaks our hearts when, in certain rare instances, we do not have the physical resources to help everyone who calls us. This occasionally happens because our FIRST PRIORITY is the duty we owe to the people and companies we already have agreed to represent as clients; and sometimes, in fulfilling our obligations to our existing clients, all of our time and effort is consumed, and we cannot get to some of the new inquires that come our way. However, the last thing we would want is for you to be waiting by your phone for a call from us that may never be made because of circumstances we cannot control. We suggest respectfully, and with an apology in advance that if you do not hear from us within 3 days, you might try seeking help from another firm.