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Class Actions

In class actions lawsuits, large groups of people who have suffered similar harms or injuries join together to sue another entity, usually an organization or company. Class actions are a practical way for individuals with small, but related, claims to join together and put an end to the illegal practices of larger companies. With a class action lawsuit the individuals do not have to separately litigate their case; the entire group can recover through the effort of one lawsuit. Generally, at least 30-50 people with similar claims are needed for a class action to be certified by the Court.

Class actions are filed by individuals, unions, or small businesses who all have the same problem or have all been injured in the same way. They are considered the “named representatives”. As soon as possible, after the filing of the lawsuit, the named representatives must ask the court to certify the action as a class action. If the court certifies the action as a class action, the parties must provide a notice to class members advising them of their rights and that they may be bound by the results of the lawsuit. If the class action lawsuit is resolved in favor of the class, notice once again needs to be sent to the class members to advise them of any further steps they may need to take to recover.

Types of class action lawsuits often involve:

  1. Defective products, such as medical implants or faulty mechanical work in cars,
  2. Property and bodily damage as a result of contamination by industrial companies into local water systems;
  3. Securities class actions on behalf of investors, and
  4. Employment class actions on behalf of employees against employers who violated provisions of the Labor Code, for example, or employers who discriminated against certain protected classes of employees.

Sidkoff, Pincus & Green’s Experience and Approach to Class Actions

The trial attorneys at Sidkoff, Pincus & Green have represented groups of individuals in class action lawsuits against companies of all sizes. Given the potential complexity and size of most class actions, our Philadelphia Business Lawyers work as a team to ensure that we never lose sight of our client’s goals, and produce the best results possible for our clients.

At the Law Offices of Sidkoff, Pincus & Green, our experienced Pennsylvania and New Jersey attorneys handle many types of legal matters, including class actions. If you are interested in having a consultation with one of our attorneys, please call us at 215-574-0600 or contact us online.