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Our Approach to Litigation

Sidkoff, Pincus & Green’s (“SPG”) litigation strategy relies first and foremost on knowing the law. We made a substantial investment in amassing a huge law library, and in addition, each lawyer has proven abilities in doing on-line legal research.

Our Philadelphia business litigation attorneys at Sidkoff, Pincus & Green frequently attend lectures and conferences on a vast array of legal topics. In some instances, our attorneys have been called upon as lecturers, speakers, and expert witnesses due to their depth of knowledge and experience in specific areas of the law.

Next, SPG learns the facts. This involves debriefing the client and his or her employees or other allies; visiting locations; obtaining and reviewing documents and obtaining witness statements, affidavits and sworn depositions. In many cases, we also conduct industry specific research prior to consulting and collaborating with highly qualified experts. This method aids us in mastering the obscure or highly technical aspects of our case and gives us an advantage over opposing lawyers who decide to leave everything to the experts.

Thus, our approach is as follows: (1) know the law; (2) know the facts; (3) be prepared; (4) define the themes that will control the litigation at the outset of each case; and (5) where appropriate, be aggressive, tough, and fearless. In other words, SPG’s trial attorneys are keenly dedicated to achieving the best results for their clients, and our many decades of being trial lawyers have informed us of the path to victory in court. Some of our opponents do not share our zeal, and they wonder how we can be so enthusiastic every time they happen to run into us. These lawyers are indifferent to their clients’ needs and think all lawyers are like them. They have confusedly misinterpreted good lawyering as a lack of civility, and complained to courts about what they perceive to be a “take no prisoners attitude.” The courts usually see the truth, and pay no heed to these complaints, while our clients value this type of representation and expect nothing less.

Our litigation expertise covers almost every type of business dispute including, by way of example: antitrust, securities and securities fraud cases; RICO cases; Truth in Lending cases; FOIA cases; FTC related cases; OSHA investigations; labor law cases; franchise law cases; discrimination in employment; wrongful termination and wrongful discharge; white collar crime; grand jury investigations; intellectual property cases such as trade mark and trade secret infringement; anti-competition, restrictive covenants and non circumvention cases; every type of business tort; claims under the Uniform Commercial Code; construction and building related cases; adverse possession and real estate cases; wrongful competition; broker and finder fee cases; interference with contract; trade libel; cases arising from dealings in foreign countries; and essentially every type of business dispute.

We also regularly represent clients in serious constitutional law cases, civil rights cases of every kind, all types of torts; breach of contract, disputes over real estate, partnership and shareholder cases, personal injuries, will contests, child custody cases, divorces, insolvency and judgment collection cases, and many other types.

We know that litigating through trial is quite expensive, and we are focused on producing the best outcome in the most efficient manner and with sensitivity to our client’s bottom line. To discuss a business litigation matter or for more information, call our business litigation lawyers in Philadelphia at Sidkoff, Pincus & Green at 215-574-0600 or contact us online.