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Established 1958 ~ Hardball Business Litigation & Complex Negotiations


Should I be Paid for My Summer Internship?

Internships are almost always a win-win. Employers get needed help and potential future hires, while the intern gets valuable work experience that looks great on a resume. It may not be common knowledge that legal guidelines stipulate whether an internship must be...

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Should Pennsylvania Increase the Minimum Wage?

Since 2009, Pennsylvania’s minimum wage has been stagnant. Sitting at the federally mandated level of $7.25 per hour, many state officials bloviate about raising the minimum wage, but it never happens. For overtime work, employees must receive 1 ½ times their base...

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Pennsylvania Supreme Court Strikes Down No-Hire Clauses

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania decided that employers could not enforce overly broad no-hire clauses and non-compete agreements. The ruling on Pittsburgh Systems, Inc. v. Beemac Trucking determined that companies cannot block employees from...

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Can Employers Ask Job Applicants About Salary History?

Applying for a job can be a long and difficult process. Many job seekers will respond to dozens of job posts weekly, hoping one will call back and offer an interview. After weeks and possibly months of waiting, one sticking point can ruin chances: salary expectations....

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Am I Prohibited from Discussing Salary?

Salary might be one of the most popular topics of workplace speculation. While an employer may suggest employees not talk about salary or have a policy to prohibit them from doing so, the law actually protects an employee’s right to discuss their wages. The...

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