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1101 Market Street Suite 2700, Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Established 1958 ~ Hardball Business Litigation & Complex Negotiations


Can Executives Negotiate Their Severance Packages?

Parting ways with your longtime employer does not necessarily mean your income from that employer ends with your employment. A severance package often makes it possible for a valued worker to part ways with no animosity. A severance agreement usually includes specific...

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Should I Start an LLC or a Corporation?

Whether you provide consumers with goods, or clients with services, liability is an ever-present issue in businesses of all sizes. You might start a business, but have not made it a separate legal entity. If so, you could be liable for damages arising from any harm...

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Does Age Discrimination Affect Who is Hired?

Age discrimination, also known as ageism, is discrimination against a person or a group of people based solely on their age. Ageism can happen to anyone, as aging is one thing that we call cannot control. Unfortunately, it happens quite frequently in the workplace,...

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Are LGBTQ+ Workers’ Rights Protected?

Thanks to a 2020 U.S. Supreme Court ruling, it is illegal for a Pennsylvania employer to fire someone for being gay or transgender. The Supreme Court ruled that civil rights laws governing employment discrimination include protections for workers in the LGBTQ+...

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Am I Protected From Retaliation by My Employer?

Every employee has the right to a workplace that is free from retaliation. Retaliation occurs when an employer acts negatively against an employee who has engaged in a legally-protected activity, including the following (not an exhaustive list): Filing a...

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Can I Get Out of a Business Contract?

A contract between parties that is written and signed is a legally enforceable document. Signees generally cannot just leave the arrangement or void the contract at will. In business, situations can change, and unforeseen circumstances can render one or both parties...

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What Qualifies as a Business Tort?

Whenever a conflict arises that causes harm to a business, a business tort could exist. Many business conflicts could endanger your business. The harm could be financial and threaten to close your business. The harm might even be the theft of trade secrets. A business...

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What Should I Do if I Find an Error in My Business Contract?

Most business contracts are complex, containing dozens of sections, sub-sections, and countless provisions detailing the requirements by both parties. Miscommunications could happen and something could be put in writing that should not have been. Also, there could be...

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Can Doctors Negotiate Their Contracts?

Until you sign a contract, anything is negotiable. It takes a lot of hard work and education to become a doctor, and it is very important that a contract reflects that hard work and advanced education that was needed to become a licensed medical professional. Verbal...

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What Constitutes a Material Breach of Contract?

At the heart of every contract are certain conditions that each party must follow. When one or more contractual parties does not abide by the obligations of the contract, a breach of that contract has occurred. There are four main types of contract breaches, and a...

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