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Can Doctors Negotiate Their Contracts?

Philadelphia Employment Lawyers at Sidkoff, Pincus & Green P.C. Help Doctors Negotiate Their Contracts.

Until you sign a contract, anything is negotiable. It takes a lot of hard work and education to become a doctor, and it is very important that a contract reflects that hard work and advanced education that was needed to become a licensed medical professional.

Verbal agreements can help prevent some conflicts, but they have almost no legal weight. However, a written contract clearly outlines what is expected of both parties. If you are weighing the merits of a contract, the following tips could help you to decide how to proceed.

Commonly Negotiated Conditions in Contracts

Pay, work hours, and benefits are common elements of any work-related contract. However, a doctor could have many more considerations placed in a contract. If you recently completed medical school and have a significant amount of student loan debt, you might negotiate a partial payment from your employer.

Many doctors need to do more than see patients and consult with staff. Some doctors have administrative duties as well. A contract might determine the type of administrative services and the amount that you are expected to do while on the clock.

Many doctors also might be required to remain on call on particular days and at particular times, such as overnight. The contract clearly should outline the times and how frequently you might have to be on call to handle emergencies and demands of hospital staff.

Virtually every aspect of your contract to perform duties is negotiable. It helps greatly to understand exactly what the contract says and what it requires of you and your employer.

How Can a Lawyer Help With My Contract if I am a Doctor?

The majority of doctors are highly skilled at providing medical services but are not well-versed in contracts. An experienced lawyer can help review a pending contract. Your lawyer can clearly explain what the legal terms mean. Your lawyer can also explain how the proposed terms might affect your work, pay, or benefits. A lawyer can help you understand the proposals in the contract and how to make counteroffers as well.

Making mistakes and signing a substandard contract might lock you into a bad deal for years. A lawyer can help prevent that and will negotiate the best possible terms of the contract.

Philadelphia Employment Lawyers at Sidkoff, Pincus & Green P.C. Help Doctors Negotiate Their Contracts

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