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Why Do I Need a Lawyer for My Small Business?

Lawyer Small Business

When a business is just getting off the ground, it can be tempting for a business owner to forgo unnecessary expenses. Oftentimes, having a lawyer on hand can seem like a superfluous use of limited financial resources. In other cases, engaging the services of a lawyer can prove to be an incredibly cost-effective business decision.

Many business owners who run into legal problems tend to wish they had a relationship with a lawyer they trust. It is worth meeting with a lawyer to get their take on what issues you might encounter and what services they may have to offer.

There are many reasons why having a lawyer might benefit a small business. Making choices about which items do and do not need a lawyer can be vital to keeping costs in check.


Many law firms offer legal services from a customizable menu of options that range from simple legal advice to complex business tort litigation. Having these options can allow small business owners to prioritize their legal needs and optimize the use of their business’s limited budget. A lawyer can also help with:

  • Financials: A small business owner that wants to ensure that any transfer or allocation of funds is handled in accordance with applicable laws might want to discuss the plans with a lawyer.
  • Buying or selling:  Business owners who are in negotiations to sell their business or to buy another company should involve a lawyer in the transaction.


While it may not be necessary for every small business to have a lawyer on staff, there are several issues that should always be handled by one. These include:

  • Lawsuits: When former, current, or prospective employees sue, allegations of unfair hiring practices, employment discrimination, a hostile work environment, or other injustices can severely damage a small business.
  • Investigations into legal violations: A business that is being charged with breaking a law.
  • Environmental complaints: A small business that is being blamed for pollution or another type of environmental problem should have a lawyer handling the issue.

Tackle Small Business Issues

Outside of the legal issues listed above, there are also many business matters that may be handled without the help of a lawyer; however, seeking the help of a lawyer is generally recommended to ensure the business is protected. These small business issues may include:

  • Deciding how to organize the company
  • Partnership agreements
  • Corporate bylaws
  • Contracts
  • Labor laws
  • Real estate agreements
  • Licensing
  • Registration for tax purposes
  • Intellectual property protection

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