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Google Employees Win the Right to Sue

Since last November, Google employees have been pressuring the company to end its mandatory arbitration policy, which requires workers to take any legal dispute they have with the company to arbitration. Because there is no judge or jury, and very little government oversight, workers are less likely to win their cases. If they do, their compensation is much less than what they would have gotten if they had the opportunity to go to court. Earlier this month, Google changed its policy and will end mandatory arbitration, effective March 21. This expands a previous decision to only end mandatory arbitration in sexual assault or harassment cases. This is a significant win for Google employees.

Prior to this policy change, new employees were required to sign arbitration agreements when they were hired. Many companies in the United States require new employees to sign these agreements, which means that they cannot sue their boss if they are the victim of sexual harassment, racial discrimination, overtime violations, and job discrimination. When Google’s CEO ended the forced arbitration for sexual harassment and sexual assault, employees were encouraged, but they wanted the company to end forced arbitration for all types of disputes. In addition, they wanted the policy to extend to contractors and temporary workers as they make up over half of the company’s workforce.

Employees Fight for Wider Policy Changes

In a statement published by a group of Google employees, the group credited the company for changing the policy and allowing workers to access their civil rights through the public court system. However, they were disappointed that the policy does not require contract companies that provide Google with workers to follow the same policy. The group went on the say that they will continue to fight until forced arbitration is eliminated for all workers. Tech workers have gained influence recently and are using it to ensure that workers have a voice and are no longer silenced by unfair policies.

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