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Comcast Contractor Ordered to Pay $7.5 Million in Unpaid Overtime

Philadelphia overtime claims lawyers secure overtime pay for workers. O.C. Communications is a national fulfillment contractor for low-voltage installations, which prides itself as having some of the best, most highly trained employees. However, according to a recent lawsuit, some of the company’s employees were not paid for the overtime hours they worked. In addition, the company did not allow meal breaks and did not reimburse employees for money spent on tools and other equipment that was used for work.

Employee Accusations

One O.C. Communications employee said that the company scheduled him to make 32 job stops in one day, where normally he was only assigned eight stops. In addition, his supervisor ordered him to work through his meals, which usually meant eating while driving, and he was expected to remain available via his cell phone at all times, so that he could immediately respond to work-related calls.

Another worker shared that he was not reimbursed for equipment he purchased for his job, including a wireless drill, drill bits, pliers, a staple gun, as well as boots and pants.

Failure to Pay Workers for Overtime Hours

O.C. Communications and Comcast Corp were both named in the federal class-action lawsuit.

In early March, both companies agreed to settle the lawsuit. As a result, the $7.5 million would be split among the roughly 4,500 techs involved in the lawsuit.

According to the legal team representing the plaintiffs, the workers had not been paid for 2.5 hours of off-the-clock work per day, and that the companies had violated state and federal laws, including a failure to compensate tech workers for piecework and overtime wages.

The lawsuit states that Comcast controlled the majority of O.C. Communications’ revenue stream. In addition, the company continuously monitored the work activities and work progress of all technicians throughout the day, using their mobile devices.

The suit further claimed that based on the call logs between O.C. Communications and Comcast, it appeared that the technicians were “fully integrated into the Comcast business.”

Settlement Agreement Reached

The plaintiffs considered the possibility that O.C. Communications would not be able to pay a significant amount of the damages, and that Comcast may not be held liable as a joint employer. However, after extensive litigation and the production of 1.5 million documents, the two companies agreed to settle the case.

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