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Philadelphia Employment Lawyers: VA Employee Wins Suit Against Pennsylvania County After Being Terminated for Political Affiliation

In Wren v. County of Luzerne, No. 3:11-CV-1769 (M.D. Pa. May 12, 2016), Richard Wren, the Director of Luzerne County’s Veterans Affairs Department, claimed he was terminated for his support of a county commissioner. Two other county commissioners, who opposed the commissioner that Wren supported, began to terminate employees like Wren from county positions. Following his termination, Wren sued the county alleging that they violated the First and Fourteenth Amendments under the Civil Rights Act, Section 1983, and the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act.

The county argued that Wren’s termination was based on non-retaliatory reasons. Specifically, the county presented evidence that Wren had falsified a receipt, which they stated was immediate grounds for dismissal. Wren argued that the county used the falsified receipt as a pretext to terminate him. As evidence that he was terminated strictly for his political affiliations, Wren pointed to the fact that he was never subjected to any disciplinary action before being terminated. He sought to recover $106,000 in back pay and compensatory damages. The jury found that Wren’s political affiliation was a substantial or motivating factor for his termination and awarded him $200,000.

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