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Philadelphia Employment Lawyers: Class-Action Settlement for Wage Underpayment

On February 11, 2016 the Middle District of Pennsylvania approved a $320,000 class action settlement against meat packer, Vantage Foods Inc. Workers at the meat packaging plant brought suit against their employer for not paying workers for all of the tasks they performed. More Precisely, the complaint alleged that employees were not paid for time spent preparing for their shifts nor for time spent after their shifts when they were required to clean off, remove their gear, and place it in storage. The suit was brought under the Fair Labor and Standards Act (FLSA), which regulates employment standards, including minimum wages and overtime pay.

Vantage alleged that employees were being sufficiently compensated for any time it took to do those tasks, even though the company eventually agreed to settle. In settling the case, Vantage denied committing any employment law violations or wrongdoing with the class-action suit. The workers will receive additional pay calculated in minutes, over a period of almost 2 years.

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