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Philadelphia Employment Lawyers: Injury Sustained After Quitting

A Workers’ Compensation Judge’s decision to grant a Claimant’s claim petition was reviewed and granted in the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, despite the Claimant quitting before the incident occurred. Marazas v. W.C.A.B. (Vitas Healthcare Corp.). Claimant quit and his Manager informed him that he needed to remove his personal belongings from the truck he had been using. Id. at 857.  Manager escorted Claimant to do so pursuant to Employer’s policy and Claimant, while walking to the warehouse on Employer’s premises, fell and sustained injuries. Id.

Claimant made the case that he was both on Employer’s premises and furthering Employer’s interests when he sustained injuries. Although Claimant quit before he was injured, he was still within the scope of employment because he was acting at Employer’s direction, and thus furthering Employer’s interests.

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