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Philadelphia Employment Lawyers: Dental Practice Lawsuit for Sexual Harassment

Employees of an Atlantic City dental practice have filed a lawsuit in Superior Court, alleging that two male co-workers subjected them to sexual harassment. The group of current and former employees claim that their co-workers made unwanted sexual advances, inappropriate comments and touched them without their consent. According to the lawsuit, the dental practice where they worked functioned as a “sexual harassment playground.”

The female employees assert that they were required to submit to these unwanted sexual advances or they would face adverse employment consequences. They claim that submitting to the sexual harassment was a condition of their employment and any employees that did not comply were either punished or ignored.

According to the lawsuit, the owners of the dental practice were complicit with the harassment. The employees assert that the owners were fully aware of the male employees’ actions, and even went so far as to retaliate against female employees who complained about the harassment. According to the plaintiffs, the owners responded to complaints of sexual harassment with termination, disparate treatment and increased scrutiny of complaining employees.

The plaintiffs have requested a jury trial. They are seeking money damages, attorney’s fees, and the costs of the lawsuit.

Sexual harassment is one of the most well known types of employment discrimination. Unfortunately, sexual harassment in the workplace is an all too common matter. If you believe that you are the victim of sexual harassment and your employer has not protected you from mistreatment, you may be entitled to take legal action.

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