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Delaware County Physician Negligence Results in Paralysis, Other Physical Ailments

On August 7, 2015 a jury on found in plaintiff’s favor and against two of the doctors who treated him. The jury has awarded $12.5 million to plaintiff Kenneth Del Grosso who is paralyzed following an alleged delayed diagnosis of a cervical abscess. Del Grosso said he received negligent care, causing his paralysis of the arms and legs, as well as other damages.

Del Grosso arrived at the emergency room with symptoms of left-sided neck pain and tingling in his left arm, according to a pretrial memorandum for the plaintiffs. He was kept at the hospital overnight, where his symptoms worsened and he developed a fever.

Infectious-disease specialist Bonnie Rabinowitch evaluated Del Grosso and found symptoms of a cervical epidural abscess and ordered an MRI. Radiologist Ben-Zion Friedman interpreted the MRI and declared there was no abscess or epidural collection. Del Grosso underwent emergency surgery on a deep cervical abscess the next day, after Rabinowitch expressed ongoing concerns about spinal cord compression. Del Grosso became paralyzed in the arms and legs, and lost bowel, bladder and sexual function.

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