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Riot Games Settles in Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

League of Legends developer, Riot Games, will have to pay over $10 million to settle a class action lawsuit that was filed on behalf of approximately 1,000 women who worked for the company over the past five years. According to court documents, the plaintiffs alleged that the company established a clear pattern of discrimination and sexual harassment. In addition, female employees claimed that they did not receive equal compensation compared to their male counterparts. This was a violation of the California Equal Pay Act—many states such as Pennsylvania and New Jersey have a similar law.

According to the terms of the settlement, each of the roughly 1,000 women who worked at Riot Games over the past five years is eligible to receive a portion of the settlement. The exact amount that each woman will receive depends on seniority, how long they worked at the company, and employment status, but most members of the class-action lawsuit will receive a minimum of $5,000. Full-time employees will receive more settlement money than part-time workers or contractors.

Investigation Reveals Sexist Culture

An investigation into the culture at Riot Games revealed a sexist environment where women were frequently exposed to “crotch grabbing,” “phantom humping,” and hot girl lists. Two women who initially sued Riot Games alleged that there were several women who did not receive equal pay, and who felt that their careers were being stifled by male employees. Several female employees alleged that they received pictures of the male genitalia. The lawsuit also accused the company of denying promotions to deserving female employees because they spoke out against the company’s male culture. In some cases, they were demoted or their benefits were withheld.

After Riot Games filed a motion to force plaintiffs into arbitration, over 150 employees walked out of the office to protest the motion. According to a Riot Games spokesperson, the company looks forward to resolving the lawsuit, and plans to demonstrate their commitment to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for all employees. However, several employees commented that the company’s efforts were overshadowed by the harmful workplace behavior and an ongoing pattern of filling senior positions with male employees.

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