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Jury Grants Couple $8.5 Million in Medical Malpractice Case Against St. Luke’s University Health Network

Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyers protect victims of medical negligence.After experiencing abdominal pain and urinary problems, a Germansville man visited St. Luke’s in Allentown for medical treatment. According to the radiologist, a scan of the patient’s abdomen showed kidney stones and other urinary problems. The scan also revealed the possible presence of a tumor. The patient and his wife were awarded $8.5 million in damages after a Lehigh County jury found that two doctors from St. Luke’s University Health Network failed to explain to the patient that the scan showed a possible cancerous tumor in his bladder.

When the patient initially visited St. Luke’s in 2015 for pain in his right side and abdomen and trouble urinating, doctors ordered a scan of his abdomen. In addition to the kidney stones, the scan showed a rounded area of high density in his bladder, which suggested the presence of a tumor. However, none of the doctors who treated him, or any other healthcare provider from St. Luke’s Physician Group, Inc., or St. Luke’s Hospital, Allentown Campus, shared the radiologist’s findings with the patient. The doctors also failed to inform the patient’s primary care physician of the scan results, refer the patient to specialists for further studies, or develop a plan for follow-up treatment.

Impact of Delayed Diagnosis

In 2017, the patient went in for an ultrasound of his bladder, which revealed multiple tumors and bladder cancer. The patient’s bladder and prostate had to be surgically removed. He also had to undergo chemotherapy. If the doctors had communicated the radiologist’s findings earlier, argued the patient, he could have avoided an invasive surgical procedure and grueling chemotherapy. According to the patient’s lawyer, the possible tumor that the 2015 scan revealed was the same cancerous tumor that was found in the 2017 ultrasound. The delayed diagnosis also caused him physical and emotional pain and lowered his life expectancy.

The jury found the healthcare provider who treated the patient in 2015 to be 60 percent responsible for negligence.  The jury ruled an emergency medicine doctor to be 25 percent responsible and determined the patient to be 15 percent responsible. The jury awarded $10 million in total damages, of which the patient and his wife received $8.5 million.

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