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HUP Employee Fired While Recovering from Breast Cancer Treatment

Philadelphia business lawyers assist clients with employment disputes.The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania has a reputation for being a leading breast cancer treatment center. When an anesthesiology technician who worked at the hospital was diagnosed with breast cancer, she knew that she was in good hands, and that she would receive excellent treatment, which she did. Unfortunately, while the employee was still undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, she was fired from her job, which caused her and her family significant financial hardship and stress.

A mammogram and biopsy confirmed the cancer after the plaintiff found a lump in her breast. Doctors performed a lumpectomy and checked to see if the cancer had spread into the lymph nodes, which it had. As a result, she had to undergo more aggressive treatment, including a mastectomy followed by 16 weeks of weekly chemotherapy, then six weeks of daily radiation. She was able to take a four-month medical leave under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act so that she could rest and recover from the side effects of treatment.

Plaintiff Fired After Second Request for Medical Leave

After the initial extension of her medical leave, her doctors requested a second extension due to the physical effects of the radiation, including burns, tight skin, and open wounds. The hospital’s Office of Disability Management replied to the request, saying that her department supervisor would determine whether accommodations should be made that would not impose an undue hardship. However, instead of receiving an accommodation, the plaintiff received a termination letter in the mail following a series of unpleasant phone conversations with a representative from the hospital’s personnel department.

According to the plaintiff, at no point did anyone at the hospital ever give any indication that her job was in jeopardy. She had to move in with her mother after exhausting her disability and unemployment benefits, and is now working as a classroom aide in a local school. She filed a lawsuit against the hospital and is seeking financial compensation for intentional infliction of emotional distress. The hospital has since filled her position, and the new hire’s start date was the same day the plaintiff would have returned to work if the second request for a leave of absence had been approved.

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