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Philadelphia Discrimination Lawyers: Report Following Lawsuit Alleging Discriminatory Behavior

On the heels of a complaint filed against them for discrimination, Airbnb Inc. proposes several steps to end discrimination. In complaint entitled Selden v. AIRBNB, Plaintiff alleges that Airbnb unlawfully denied Plaintiff’s application for housing accommodation because of his race. In response to the complaint, Airbnb filed a motion to compel arbitration and dismiss. Although no decision has been reached thus far, in an attempt to stem negative press Airbnb will change its operating procedures to prevent discriminatory behavior in the future.

On September 8, 2016, Airbnb released a report entitled Airbnb’s Work to Fight Discrimination and Build Inclusion by Laura Murphy of the ACLU. In this report they outline their steps to eliminate racism and discrimination. These steps includes changes to methods of bookings such as removing prominence of photographs, a stronger message about Airbnb’s policy on discrimination, and making everyone who uses Airbnb affirmatively agree to Airbnb’s policy on discrimination.

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