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Philadelphia Employment Lawyers: Eastern District of Pennsylvania Dismisses Suit Against Uber

On August 23, 2016, U.S. District Judge Robert Kelly for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania dismissed a complaint filed by two cab medallion owners through their company, CoachTrans against Uber for $1.5 million in damages. Judge Kelly ruled that Plaintiff inappropriately attempted to make a federal case out of issues that were more appropriate for review by state agencies. He further stated that Plaintiff’s claim, which argued that Uber “neglects to comply with Pennsylvania’s regulations for taxis” demonstrates that “plaintiff’s claim requires review and application of the pertinent taxi regulations.”

Judge Kelly recommended that Plaintiff file its complaint with the Philadelphia Parking Authority (“PPA”). However, if Plaintiff seeks to refile its Complaint with the PPA, it could lose its right to damages, as a recent Eastern District decision in Checker Cab Philadelphia v. Uber Technologies ruled that violations of local and state regulations do not allow for private causes of action.

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