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Philadelphia Employment Lawyers: Discrimination Claims Dismissed for not Meeting Filing Requirements

In a recent Third Circuit opinion, the Court ruled that Susan Vangjeli, a former municipal library guard at the Philadelphia Free Library did not properly raise her discrimination claims as required by law. Vangjeli made claims for discrimination, retaliation, and harassment, based on her gender, in violation of Title VII.


Vangjeli initiated against the City of Philadelphia and Free Library of Philadelphia suit after observing two male employees receive promotions to full-time jobs, while she continued to be a seasonal employee. The City of Philadelphia and Free Library of Philadelphia moved to dismiss the claim, which was granted by the Trial Court and ultimately upheld by the Third Circuit as well. The court noted numerous deficiencies with appellant’s complaint most notably that she failed to exhaust her administrative remedies before proceeding with the Courts. When complaining of unlawful employment practices, one must first file with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) within 180 days, or file with a state agency within 300 days. Here, Vangjeli failed to file in proper time by waiting more than one year to file with the EEOC.

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