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Philadelphia Business Lawyers: New Jersey Cops Settle Whistleblower Case for $400,000

In 2011, then-Detective Sergeant John A. Hamilton and then-Captain Douglas F. Carmen filed suit against the Linwood Police Department in New Jersey, alleging that Chief Jim Baker’s behavior created a hostile and retaliatory work environment. Among many allegations, the lawsuit claims Chief Baker asked the two officers to lie about police protection that was afforded to a woman who was later stabbed to death. The allegations also claim Chief Baker influenced one of the officers to make a deal that would favor Chief Baker and hurt other officers, as well as Chief Baker taking away the two officers’ chance to work overtime despite having a contractual right to overtime pay.


Many of these instances that disparaged the reputations of both officers occurred over phone conversations that were recorded. The ex-Detective Sergeant Hamilton was also passed over for a less qualified candidate for the position of Chief when Baker retired (ex-Detective Sergeant Hamilton did become chief in March of 2015 when Baker retired). Ultimately, the suit was settled against the city for $400,000.

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