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Philadelphia Employment Lawyers: Bank of America Discrimination Claim

A female banker at Bank of America has filed a lawsuit against her employer, alleging that the company underpays female employees, and that she was retaliated against for speaking up about the company’s illegal and unethical business practices. The banker, a 42-year-old single mother of three children, is seeking over six million dollars plus punitive damages and additional compensation. She filed suit in a Manhattan federal court, where many other cases are pending against Wall Street banks alleging similar claims.

The complainant asserts that during her tenure at Bank of America she suffered from an egregious pay disparity in comparison to her male coworkers, being paid less than half than the man who shares the same title she does.

In addition, she claims that the bank condoned acts of discriminatory conduct committed by her boss, and violated the federal Dodd-Frank whistleblower protections by suspending her after she made complaints about alleged illegal activity that harmed clients of the bank.

She alleges that she was treated more like an intern than a valued employee, and was asked demeaning questions such as whether her eyes have always been so blue. She also claims that she was banned from attending important client events.

She has accused the bank of other unlawful activities unrelated to discriminatory practices, such as refusing to tell regulators how a colleague falsified trading records to conceal lies he told a major client about prices. She claims that the man who held her same title (structured products chief) was “front running” by purchasing bonds for Bank of America despite knowing that a competitor wanted them, and rigging a debt auction to benefit a favored hedge fund in which Bank of America also participated.

In response, a spokesman for the Bank of America has stated that the company takes all allegations of inappropriate behavior seriously and investigates them thoroughly.

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