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Philadelphia Business Lawyers: Lawsuit Alleges Defamatory Billboard

Defamation is when an individual makes a defamatory statement about another person that damages that person’s reputation. Libel and slander are both types of defamation, with libel involving a written statement, and slander involving a verbal statement. Defamation, libel, and slander are all relevant issues in business law.

A group of prominent judges, attorneys, and businessmen in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire recently filed a civil lawsuit against mortgage broker Michael Gill, who is running for Governor of New Hampshire, and demanded that he take down an allegedly defamatory billboard that explicitly refers to the professionals as drug dealers and extortionists.

The three men filed a lawsuit against Gill for libel and defamation. The lawsuit alleges that Gill made defamatory statements against the men on a large electronic sign outside Gill’s business, The Mortgage Specialists. The men allege that he has been posting these defamatory signs for years. The signs have drawn public criticism in the area for their use of vulgar language. Further, the men allege that Gill defamed them on the radio and over social media. Gill posts the details of his allegations of corruption on his website, and also purchases radio time for a regularly scheduled radio call-in program where he discusses corruption. The most recently noted sign refers to plaintiffs as “drug dealers” and accuses another of extortion.

Gill has often publicly accused a plaintiff of being arrested years ago for possession of cocaine, citing what he claims is the arrest number for the charge. The plaintiff has maintained that the number cited by Gill comes from 1987, and there is no record of any arrest or conviction. He said he is not sure what the purported arrest number signifies or corresponds to.

A superior court judge was scheduled to hear arguments requesting an injunction to remove the sign and order that Gill cease making defamatory statements while the suit is pending.

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