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Philadelphia Business Lawyers: Professional Negligence in Pennsylvania

When the alleged negligence is rooted in professional malpractice, the determination of whether there was a breach of duty comprises two steps: (1) a determination of the relevant standard of care; and (2) a determination of whether the defendant’s conduct met that standard. Catlin v. Hamburg, 56 A.3d 914, 920 (Pa. Super. 2012). Additionally, in a professional malpractice action, the determination of whether there was a breach of duty requires the plaintiff to show that the defendant’s conduct fell below the relevant standard of care applicable to the performance of the professional services at issue. Merlini ex rel. Merlini v. Gallitzin Water Auth., 934 A.2d 100, 104 (Pa. Super. 2007). “In most cases, such a determination requires expert testimony because the negligence of a professional encompasses matters not within the ordinary knowledge and experience of laypersons.” Id.

 A complaint asserting negligence against a licensed professional must identify each defendant against whom the plaintiff is asserting a professional liability claim. Pa. R.C.P. § 1042.2. “In any action based upon an allegation that a licensed professional deviated from an acceptable professional standard, the attorney for the plaintiff … shall file … within sixty days after the filing of the complaint, a certificate of merit signed by the attorney[.]” Pa. R.C.P. No. 1042.3(a).

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