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Philadelphia Business Lawyers: General Contractor Insurance Policies

Insurance Companies Not Held Liable for Shoddy Workmanship by Home Contractors under General Contractor Insurance Policies

In Pennsylvania, Courts will not hold insurance companies that provide general contractor insurance policies liable for a contractor’s shoddy workmanship. In Ryan Homes, Inc. v. Home Indem. Co., 647 A.2d 939, 942 (Pa. Super. 1994) the Superior Court held that general liability policies provide coverage for work or product that actively malfunctions “causing injury to an individual or damage to another’s property.”

Further, the insured must assume the risk of the quality of its product and its work, and to hold otherwise “would effectively convert the policy into a performance bond or guarantee of contractual performance and result in the coverage for the repair or replacement of the insured’s own faulty workmanship. This means homeowners who can prove negligence in court will have to attempt to collect from contractors themselves.


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