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Philadelphia Business Lawyers: Jawbone v. Fitbit Intellectual Property Case

For many hi-tech companies, their intellectual property is their greatest business asset. In the digital age, it is easy for employees who leave one company to download much of an original company’s trade secrets and other intellectual property and then give it to another company. One such case where that conduct is alleged is the case of Jawbone vs. Fitbit.

The Facts of the Case

The Jawbone v. Fitbit California case involves two companies that provide health care products. The lawsuit was filed in California state court just after Fitbit filed for a public offering. Fitbit is a company that provides technical devices that track and help manage a person’s medical status. Many of Fitbit’s devices are worn to monitor physical activity. The Jawbone Company has shifted its product line from cellphone headsets and wireless speakers, to wearable trackers including a series of successful devices called Up.

Jawbone claims that Fitbit contacted a third of Jawbone employees about working for Fitbit. Some of the Jawbone employees are alleged to have downloaded and given Fitbit valuable Jawbone company information. In one example, the Jawbone complaint alleges that a Jawbone employee knew they were leaving but stayed on at Jawbone just in time to discuss the future business plans of the company and then downloaded the Jawbone company playbook. Another Jawbone employee who left for Fitbit is alleged to have emailed confidential company information to his personal email address, which is against Jawbone company policy.

Fitbit admits that it took company employees from Jawbone, but denies that these employees took Jawbone intellectual property and denies that Fitbit got this information illegally. Fitbit claims that all its innovations come through their own innovation and research.

Although reports reveal that Jawbone has struggled financially, the company claims its financial health is strong and the demand for its products is great. Jawbone seeks financial damages and for Fitbit to be enjoined from using any information obtained from the employees who formerly worked for Jawbone.

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