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Philadelphia Business Attorneys: Carpenter Awards $3 Million after Stairway Collapse

In White v. Drywall, a jury awarded plaintiff, White, $2.5 million for past and future damages, and $500,000 to his wife for loss of consortium after he broke his shoulder on a temporary staircase that collapsed while he was walking on it. White contended that defendant, Beiler Construction LLC, negligently installed the temporary staircase, and that the general contractor was negligent for allowing an unsafe and dangerous condition at the work site.

In January 2012 White was working on a project where defendant, Beiler Construction LLC installed a set of temporary stairs on the work site, and defendant Drywall Inc. was the drywall subcontractor. When White walked down the staircase, he fell to the level below because the staircase gave way. White and other workers had previously reported on numerous occasions that the stairs were unusually wobbly.

White’s doctor said he would have permanent restrictions, and could only use his arm for light duty. White contends that the fall caused radiculopathy in his back and neck, impaired vision, and degeneration in his spine and shoulder, preventing him from playing with his children. The jury found that the two drywall companies and the company that installed the temporary staircase were liable for the incident.

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