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Philadelphia Employment Lawyers: Woman Fired Following Struggle with Alcholism

Delaware resident, Mary McGee has filed suit against her former employer Exelon Generation Co. alleging unlawful discrimination and retaliation in response to her struggle with alcoholism in 2014.

According to the complaint, McGee was instructed not to return to work for 24 hours after being hospitalized in November after fainting at work while under the influence of alcohol. The day after, McGee was administered a drug alcohol test, which she failed with a BAC of .01. After completing an outpatient treatment program and producing clean test results, McGee was not given a return-to-work date and she subsequently relapsed. McGee then voluntarily admitted herself into a rehabilitation center and was cleared to return to work in early May of 2014.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Pennsylvannia, states that McGee was then terminated on July 16 for “violating the company’s code of ethics”. She alleges that Exelon did not provide accommodation for her disability and was therefore wrongfully terminated. McGee is now seeking injunctive action against Exelon along with punitive damages, compensatory back and front pay with benefits, attorney fees and court costs.

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