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Philadelphia Wage and Hour Lawyers: Walmart Violation of Minimum Wage Laws

A federal judge ruled in May that Walmart’s pay policies regarding truck drivers violate California labor laws. Walmart truck drivers filed a lawsuit claiming that they were not paid at least minimum wage for all time spent working. According to Walmart’s pay policies, truck drivers are paid by mileage and activity; however, drivers are not compensated hourly for time spent during inspections, rest breaks, fueling, weighing cargo, and completing paperwork.

Walmart contends that drivers were compensated by discretionary pay for other activities and that the company is not required to pay truck drivers for layover time because drivers are not under Walmart’s control during layovers. US District Judge Susan Illston ruled that drivers are under Walmart’s control during layovers due to Walmart policies which specify designated locations for layovers; therefore, Walmart truck drivers are entitled to collect at least minimum wage for time spent on layovers. Walmart may have to pay its truck drivers $100 million in back pay to comply with California minimum wage laws.

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