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Philadelphia Business Lawyers Handling Physician Agreement

Physicians face many of the same preliminary steps in the hiring process as the average corporate employee, including the development of contractual agreements.  Often, physician contracts include areas that are typical of corporate employment agreements, such as compensation, benefits and restrictive covenants.  However, there are other areas, such as issues concerning hospital privileges, medical malpractice coverage, and the division of hours between clinical, research and academic work, which are unique to physician agreements.  Moreover, physicians often have unique financial concerns, such as the payment of liability insurance, continuing medical education expenses, and other costs which are unique to the medical profession.   For these reasons, it is advisable that a physician utilize an attorney who is experienced with physician contracts.  As in any business arrangement, contractual agreements are important to both the employer and employee.  Serious financial obligations and penalties can result when the contracts are legally challenged.  A competent and experienced business contract lawyer in Philadelphia can ensure that physicians are protected and fully understand their obligations.

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