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Philadelphia Business Lawyers:  New Complex Business Litigation Program begins in New Jersey State Courts

Business litigation in New Jersey just became more streamlined.  Beginning this January, New Jersey state judges have the option of assigning complex business, commercial and construction cases to New Jersey’s new Complex Business Litigation Program.  Based on recommendations of the New Jersey Supreme Court Working Group on Business Litigation, the Program aims to provide a streamlined judicial process for complex business matters.  Other states with similar business litigation programs include Pennsylvania, New York and Maryland.

To be eligible for inclusion in the Complex Business Litigation Program, the amount in controversy must be at least $200,000 (also called the “threshold damages amount.”)  Parties will use the Civil Case Information Statement to indicate whether the matter should be designated as a complex business matter.  Both jury and non-jury matters may be eligible for inclusion in the program.  The Complex Business Litigation Program may also oversee actions related to the establishment of a trust or the imposition of an equitable lien to satisfy damages.

Some types of cases will be excluded from the program including those matters handled by the General Equity Court, condemnation matters, cases where the government is a party, certain personal injury matters and cases involving consumers or labor organizations. If a case becomes part of the Complex Business Litigation Program it will not be subject to the Court’s mandatory civil mediation and arbitration programs.

One promising feature of the Complex Business Litigation Program is the designation of Complex Business Litigation Judges in each vicinage who will have received extensive training in complex business litigation matters such as the Uniform Commercial Code, securities, anti-racketing and business valuation.  These specially designated judges will be expected to issue a minimum of two written opinions annually to assist in the development of a body of law on complex business issues.

All complex cases filed on or after January 1, 2015 may be eligible for inclusion in the Complex Business Litigation Program.

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