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Philadelphia Business Lawyers Report on Recent Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

Crayola, a division of Hallmark Cards, Inc., recently filed a lawsuit against Alex Toys LLC, a New Jersey toy company, alleging unauthorized trademark use on crayons.  According to the complaint, crayons sold by Alex Toys LLC bore wrappers labeled with the word “Crayola.”  Alex Toys LLC sold crayons bearing the Crayola trademark as part of their Colossal Art Set and in a bucket of crayons available on their website.

Crayola petitioned the court to prohibit further infringement, award monetary damages to Crayola, and order Alex Toys LLC to destroy existing products and promotional materials bearing the word “Crayola.”  In addition, Crayola requested that Alex Toys LLC be required to pay all legal fees incurred by Crayola for this lawsuit including attorney fees and litigation costs.

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